Congratulations on entering your film/s. Now it’s time to share your talent with your friends and get them and everyone you know to VOTE!


It’s easy, just click on the ‘Vote’ button underneath your film. The film with the most votes will win the Popular Choice Award, so get campaigning!


Share your film’s link with as many people as you can via Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, WhatsApp… However you want!


Voting will end at 12 midnight on Friday 1 June 2018.

This next bit is important!

If your film is in a local competition, when you share your link – share it from that competition. Every vote you get locally will count in the National competition so you don’t need to get people to vote twice. Bonus!


If you’ve just entered the National competition, just send your link from that. Easy!


How to share you link

On your film page you’ll find sharing icons underneath the film. Just click on that to share your link!


Use #cutfilms and mention us @cutfilms! If you’re in a local comp use #ealing #london #southwark #IOM #Manx #Berkshire #Buckinghamshire #Barnet. We will share your film on our social media account over the voting period, so look out and share!

Ideas to get your film out there!

  1. Go to your local competition area and find your film. Your vote in a local competition will count in the National as well, so you don’t need to replicate votes!
  2. Email and share your link on social media and ask people to vote for it. Download these Facebook Covers>>
  3. Ask your school or youth group to put it on their website ad social media.
  4. Personalise this press release template>> with your details where it’s highlighted in yellow.
  5. Send it to your local press – even better if you include a photo!
  6. Send it to your MP and tell them why you think smoking is bad and ask what they’re doing to stop young people in their area from starting. You can find your local MP here:

closing date

fri 18 may

Voting opens

sat 19 May

voting closes

Fri 1 June

National Awards

Fri 6 July