Cut Films regularly engages with young people through youth advocacy & campaigning enabling them to be active participants in the fight against tobacco.

Youth advocacy & campaigns

Cut Films has a long history of youth advocacy and campaigns from demonstrating outside of the British American Tobacco and Imperial Tobacco Annual General Meetings, local press launches, interviewing MPs, presenting at conferences as well as at the Houses of Parliament and finally to participating in EU exchanges developing transferrable skills.


Cut Films highly values youth input into projects and events, and regularly consults with young people to further develop these areas.


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Current Youth Advocacy Projects

Youth leadership programme

Cut Films Youth Leadership programme engages young people on the issue of smoking and tobacco. This programme is currently running in Ealing and Southwark and open to new participants.


As part of the Youth Leadership programme participants will take part in:


  • Conducting interviews (such as MPs)
  • Writing blogs
  • Developing resources
  • Marketing (social media and print)
  • Presentations
  • Event planning
  • Volunteering opportunities


Participants taking part in the programme will also gain British Youth Council Youth Voice Awards and Arts Awards.

Youth leadership programme

Youth leaders will gain skills & education in:


  • In-depth knowledge of the issues surrounding smokefree homes
  • Filmmaking skills (scripting, camera and editing)
  • Confidence building
  • Project management
  • Teambuilding
  • Increased employability
  • Campaigning
  • Presentation skills
  • Critical thinking skills


Please contact for more information or to get involved.


Past Youth Advocacy & Campaigns

Erasmus+ EU Smokefree Youth Network

In 2016, 8 young people from Cut Films Youth Leadership programme took part in the EU Smokefree Youth Exchange. The project was designed as early intervention with young people to help stop them from taking up smoking and spreading the message with their peers. Participants gained skills in film, social media and campaigning.


The project engaged young people in how they address smoking issues through the creative attraction of film, new media technologies and experiences of participation in representative democracy. The participants produced films through their experience, which aimed to deglamorise smoking and challenged their perceptions about smoking as ‘cool’. The project empowered young people by engaging them in issues of advocacy, social and political campaigning to participate in a democratic life.


The project involved 24 young from Cut Films in England, No Excuse in Slovenia and Smart Youth in Sweden.


"During the EU Smokefree Youth Exchange I learned how I could take a part of saving someone's life, and how their lives are in danger because of smoking or using tobacco in different ways."

Female, 15, Smart Youth (Sweden)

#standuptotobacco campaign 2017

In 2017, Cut Films launched an online campaign asking young people to share why they are choosing to stand up to tobacco. This campaign coincided with the British American Tobacco Annual General Meeting and ASH UK campaign #ActOnTobacco to highlight the impact that tobacco companies and smoking has on our lives . Cut Films received images from across the UK and as far as abroad Africa. The images were shared throughout social media utilising Instagram with the most liked/shared picture received a small goody-bag of prizes.

interviewing members of parliament

Over the years Cut Films youth have interviewed various MPs on the issue of smoking and tobacco. Usually these MPs are members of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Smoking and Health. Through these experiences young people gain valuable access to decision makers while presenting their views directly to those in politics. Young people who participate in these interviews gain further experience in filmmaking skills as well as in interviewing techniques.

tobacco demonstrations

Over the years Cut Films young people have have taken part in various demonstrations against the tobacco industry, particularly British American Tobacco and Imperial Tobacco. These demonstrations take place during the companies annual general meetings encouraging young people to raise their voices against tobacco companies, their policies and their practices, highlighting issues to stakeholders attending the meetings.