Our innovative new education project raising awareness of the dangers of shisha among young people and the community was piloted in Barnet in 2016-2017.

Shisha Awareness project

Working with Barnet Council and their Public Health team we provided free one-hour shisha education workshop assemblies across Barnet.


The workshops in schools and youth organisations across Barnet were focused on increasing knowledge about dangers of shisha and hookah. We worked with over 3500 young people in schools and youth organisations in the borough, a brief infographic of our successes can be viewed by clicking here.


The workshops focused on developing:


  • In-depth knowledge and increased awareness of the dangers of shisha smoking
  • Confidence
  • Teambuilding
  • Critical thinking skills



The Cut Films anti-shisha tobacco workshops are developed to ensure that content is:


  • Entertaining, factual and interactive and fun!
  • Tailored to age and ability
  • Non-judgmental and culturally sensitive


We are able to work with whole school years across one day.



Young people in Barnet produced an anti-shisha advert which is shown in the workshop assembly.


The workshops are suitable for Year 7-11 and ideally can take place over a full day with different year groups.

Key Outcomes for our Barnet Shisha Project:


Educate young people about all aspects of shisha and water pipes, raising the awareness about the dangers of using them.


Alter young people’s perceptions and attitudes towards shisha and water pipes, therefore enabling them to make healthier choices. 


Contribute to a reduction in smoking prevalence through decrease in intention to use shisha and water pipes.

If you're a teacher or youth worker