Look After Your Lungs is a new interactive anti-smoking assembly workshop from Cut Films educating young people about the risks of tobacco through a game show format.  


The Cut Films team are available to provide one-hour anti-smoking education workshop assemblies across the the UK.


The one-hour interactive workshops in schools and youth organisations across the UK are focused on increasing knowledge about dangers of smoking, secondhand smoke and the impact of lung cancer.


If working in a school, we are able to work with all years across one day.


Look After Your Lungs was developed in the North West through funding from the Dr Scholl Foundation. 


Organisations can contact us directly if interested in paying for the workshop in their school or youth club.


What we cover in workshops


The Cut Films anti-smoking workshops are developed to ensure that content is:


  • Entertaining, factual and interactive and fun!
  • Tailored to age and ability
  • Non-judgmental and culturally sensitive


The workshop takes the form of a game show in which young people are active participants in the learning process and are able to feedback and discuss the key themes raised. Themes include:


  • Lung cancer (prevention, symptoms and early diagnosis)
  • Secondhand smoke / passive smoking
  • Illicit tobacco
  • Financial cost of smoking
  • Celebrity role models and impact of media
The workshops

The workshops are suitable for ages 11-18 and ideally can take place over a full day with different year groups.


Number in group:
The workshops can be delivered to between 60-180 young people in one session.



Key Outcomes for our Look After your Lungs Project:


Change in knowledge about shisha and smoking prevalence in adults.


Young people sharing information with their parents / carers and friends.  


Young people deciding to not try smoking post workshop.