Impact in Harrow & Barnet

Harrow & Barnet Council Public Health Teams commissioned a joint Cut Films Project to engage 1,200 young people in filmmaking and anti-tobacco workshops.


This was the third year that both Councils have worked in partnership to commission Cut Films.


The aim was to de-normalise smoking and prevent the update of smoking among young people in Harrow & Barnet.


From August 2015 to May 2016, we worked with over 1,500 young people through workshops, assemblies and youth panels delivering over 212 workshops and two award ceremonies.

Harrow & Barnet Impact 2015/16

94% of young people said they enjoyed the Cut Films project

(Sample size 794)

96% of young people learnt something new about tobacco during the project

(Sample size 794)


of young people said taking part in Cut Films had made them not consider smoking in future (Sample size 794)


of young people said they would share their film with friends and family

(Sample size 794)

How it worked

Our Cut Films youth worker coordinated:


  • Recruitment of schools and youth organisations
  • Evaluation collection (pre & post)
  • Delivered flexible anti-smoking workshops tailored to organisatonal need
  • Relationships in the community
  • Case studies and PR & Media
  • Young people to learn new skills
  • Local Cut Films Awards ceremony

Cut Films youth competition

"The students fully enjoyed being part of this project and learnt a lot about many things. Smoking being just one. They learnt about the filming process and also working together and cooperation. I will be very happy to do this project again and look forward to it!'

Rooks Heath College - Harrow