Competition Criteria

Our lovely panel judges will be marking and choosing the Overall National Cut Films 2018 winner based on a set of criteria.


The Judging Process

  1. Films are uploaded to the Cut Films website by  18 May 2018.
  2. A Cut Films representative watches all the films based on our criteria and long lists 80-100 films.
  3. Our judges all receive a special login to view and score the long listed films.
  4. They mark all films based on our criteria and out of 100.
  5. The top 20-25 films are shortlisted and the judges meet over an afternoon to choose the top three best films in each category and an overall winner.
  6. Feedback can only be given to shortlisted films at the discretion of the Director.
You could be awarded up to 100 marks for your film!

25 marks

25 marks

Appeal to target
20 marks

10 marks

10 marks

10 marks

Watch previous award winners for inspiration!