Our local Cut Films projects involve young people in the design and distribution of their own anti-smoking film advert.

ANTI-smoking workshops

Cut Films supports young people to research the impact of tobacco and smoking, and make a 2-minute advert to persuade their friends’ not to smoke.


We do this by either through one day sessions or over a longer period of time between 3-8 workshops of between 1-2.5 hours.


We work with all young people under 25 and ensure that all workshops are age appropriate.


Local projects are sponsored by funders like local councils or trusts.  Schools can also book and pay for workshops directly.

“Once again, the Cut Films project has been a great success and all the pupils who got involved this year learnt a huge amount whilst having lots of fun!"

Pete Brodie, Pastoral Leader Harrington Hill

anti-smoking themes

Along with health impacts, within our workshops we cover:


  • Peer pressure
  • Child labour
  • Environmental impacts
  • Shisha
  • Big Tobacco & their marketing techniques
  • Smokefree parks, cars and public spaces
  • Parental / carer smoking
  • E-cigarettes, E-shisha & advertising



Our anti-tobacco workshops support young people to:


Develop transferable skills


Develop decision making skills


Build resilience and the ability to say no to smoking


talk to parents / carers about tobacco