Name: Tana


Age: 16


What do you want to do in the future and why are you doing work experience at Cut Films?

My future career choice is in fashion or media. I enjoy working in fast pace environments and behind the scenes for events. I think work experience with cut films will help me learn about the production process of a film. I’d like to learn about camera techniques and special effects which i will be able to use in my own work.


Favourite Film or TV programme?

My current favourite T.V shows are Pretty Little Liars and Love island because they are funny and entertaining to watch, there are many plot twists to the show which keep it entertaining. Producing a reality T.V show like love island is something I would like to do in the future, meddling in people’s lives. Some of my favourite movies are the Fast and Furious and step up franchise because I like the way they are filmed and the effects and choice of music.


Most interesting smoking fact:

Most interesting smoking fact is that tobacco companies use five year olds to make cigarettes. Instead of going to school, children work with their family to pick the tobacco without any gloves or masks.