Work Experience Student – Daniel Lee


Name: Daniel


Age: 17


Why am I doing work experience at Cut Films?


I’ve signed on for a week of work experience at Cut Films to extend my knowledge of the media industry. Films are a deep passion of mine and it’s my ambition to get into the film industry. What better luck could I have then? Being directed to Cut Films and working alongside friendly staff to develop an insight into the media industry whilst also showing people the dangers of smoking.


Favourite Film?


My favourite film would have to be Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. An amazing blend of a variety of genres, the director crafts some incredible visuals whilst the story keeps an audience enticed till the very last second. To top it all off, it’s laced with an all star cast whom all deliver great performances. Definitely worth the watch or two, if you missed a detail the first time.


Most interesting smoking fact:


Only 20% of adults in the UK smoke. In fact, it went as low as 16% last year. That’s a surprisingly low amount but it could be lower as there are still 100,000 deaths a year in the UK attributed to a smoking related illness. This low number can partly be attributed to the Smoke Free Law of 2007 which banned smoking in public buildings. Though the number of smokers may be lower than what someone might expect, the number of cigarettes found littering the streets seem to only grow in number.