Richmond Cut Films Awards 2017 by Daniel Lee

The Cut Films Awards Ceremony in Richmond on the 14th of June was a tremendous success! The best films from across the borough received the attention that they deserved and if these short films are anything to go by, the future of filmmaking looks bright.


Hosted by the brilliant Eddie Castle from Radio Jackie whom brought his trademark touch to liven up the day. All the judges were in attendance, experts in their fields, along with a host of other illustrious guests. The awards ceremony was also graced by the presence of Martin Grange, the chair of the Cut Films trustee board.


The nominees seemed to have no limits to their creativity, creating a variety of unique short films. They also employed a wide range of editing skills to make their ideas come to life on screen. The effects were enough to rival professional companies at their craft.

It was MTV Youth whom seemed to sweep the awards, being nominated for a total three categories for their film ‘It All Starts’ which used an amazing rewind effect to take the audience on a powerful journey. MTV Youth took home the Popular Choice award; their creativity together will surely net them a returning nomination next year.


Chase Bridge Primary School dominated the Under 11s category with two of their films taking the top two spots, securing the award for them. Their ‘Every 6’ and ‘Smoke Stoppers’ delighted audiences.


Turing House also saw great success, being nominated in two categories for ‘Don’t Ignore’ and winning the 12-15 age category. ‘Don’t Ignore’ was an intense trip through the key facts of smoking, showing why people cannot simply ignore the dangers that it poses.


Meadlands Primary School captured the award for Best Costume with ‘Take 5 Off’, with cleverly crafted costumes which were both vibrant and bold.


Best thriller went to ‘Cigarette Assassin’ created by Powerstation, an intense film which kept the audience on the edges of their seat throughout. Critics are already wondering what their next big film will be.


Best comedy was awarded to Castelnau Project for their film ‘Don’t be a Butthead’ which had audiences rolling in their seats with laughter.


Achieving for Youth Ham was awarded the award for best stop-motion, ‘Smokin’ in Springfield’ which was clearly created with a lot of attention to detail and they’ve a promising future in stop-motion ahead if they pursue this course.


Whitton Youth Zone left with the best original idea award for ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’, an original take on the classic song and lyrics used for a brand new purpose. Such a piece has never been seen before and critics are excited to see what comes next for Whitton Youth Zone.



The star which shone brightest was Luke Hamza. His film ‘See Behind the Curtains’ was nominated in two categories, winning the overall judge’s choice award. Hamza’s creativity and artistic skill allowed for him to create a deeply emotional and all too real story which captured the hearts and minds for the judges and audience.


There were tears, there was laughter, there was joy but above all there was pride. Each nominee had created a film that they could be proud of, a film which both delivered a powerful anti-smoking message and a powerful narrative.  The future looks bright for the young filmmakers of Richmond.

Well done to all the young filmmakers in Richmond!