And the nominees are…

The results are in! Over 160 amazing films were submitted this year and our National Cut Films judges marked all of the films using the Cut Films criteria and chose the following 15 films after a judging panel afternoon.


All these nominees are invited to attend the National Cut Films Awards 2017 and have their film shown at Curzon Soho on Friday 7 July 2017.


The National Cut Films Judges this year were:

Paula Chadwick (CEO of Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation)

Dr Suzi Gage (Lecturer at University of Liverpool)

Prano Bailey Bond (film director)

John Rowe (Head of Digital Effects at NFTS)

Zaboor Chaudhry (Young Judge)

Alec Radosavljevic (Young Judge)


The National Cut Films Awards 2017 Nominees

All the Wants You Waste (ESLA)

The Cigarette Monster Strikes Again (Darell Primary School)

Every 6 (Chase Bridge Primary School)

I Wasn’t Expecting That (Deaf Active)

Make the Right Choice (College Cambria)

More Than One Choice (Barnet Youth Services)

Race for Your Life (St Matthew Academy)

See Behind the Curtains (Luke Hamza)

Smoke Stoppers (Chase Bridge Primary School)

Smokenation (St Matthew Academy)

SMOKING KILLS (Ufilms – Stockton Riverside College)

Stand Up (Powerstation)

Tar Noire (Academy of St Francis of Assisi)

What Does Smoking Do? (Greenbank College)