As you can see we have a brand new shiny beautifully constructed website for everyone to enjoy. Have a look around and let us know what you think, this is for all of you after all! Explore the new fact sheets we’ve got, which you can use for inspiration for your film or just to what inform yourself of the harsh realities related to smoking. There are previous films dotted around the place for you to watch and to motivate you to make your 2-minute movie.


Not just working hard in the virtual world, Cut Films has been making its mark in various schools and colleges around the Liverpool area. Check out the article here of the work we’ve been doing at Greenbank College. As well as working with Greenbank we’ve also been making films with the likes of Childwall SSA, St Francis of Assisi, Hope School, Fire Fit, Kings Leadership Academy and a whole host of other schools.


We’ve not got long left until the end of the competition year and we’re looking forward to seeing all the entries. With more films made than last year, this year’s competition and awards are bound to be much more competitive and exciting for everybody involved. We’ve now got the date and venue for the awards ceremony set in stone. We’re ecstatic to announce that this year’s Liverpool Cut Films Awards 2016-17 will be held at Picturehouse@FACT on the 16th June 2017. It will be held during school time to make sure every who has been involved can make it. We have some very special treats for you so keep it marked in the diary!!


Last but not least let me talk to you about our Look After Your Lungs project. As well as our filmmaking workshops, we have been delivering assemblies across the wider area of the Merseyside and the North West. We are hoping to deliver a lot more of these over the next couple of months. The assembly is interactive with many opportunities for students to get involved and participate. The content touches on various topics about looking after your lungs and making sure you make the right choice when it comes down to smoking. Here’s one of the sessions at Hawthorne’s School.


Thanks for your eyes and we’ll be back very soon with another update in the world of Cut Films Liverpool.


All the Best