Barnet Shisha Awareness Project

Cut Films, funded by Barnet Public Health have been working to deliver shisha awareness workshops in the borough.


The Barnet Shisha Awareness project finished in March 2017.


Working with a small group of young people they developed a short advert to inform other young people about the dangers of smoking in an informative and interesting way.


Watch the final film here and check out the Barnet Stop Smoking support by clicking here.

barnet-shishaWorkshops have been delivered to over 3500 young people in Barnet. The project has been run at QE Girl’s School, Hendon School,Hasmonean High School, Mill Hill East Country School, Finchley Catholic, The Pavillion, St Mary’s and St John’s Church of England School, Rithmik Radio,Wren Academy, Henrietta Barnett School, Susi Earnshaw Theatre School, JCoSS and Whitefield School.


The assemblies include a truth and myth game, where each individual student has a truth/myth card that they can hold up to agree or disagree with a statement. This is a time for students to express their opinions, misconceptions and ask questions that they may have about shisha, cigarettes and even e-cigarettes (vaping). The workshops then move onto a media round, generating a discussion about shisha and advertising.  The workshops are designed to be age appropriate, engaging and informative. Many young people as well as teachers have expressed their astonishment at some of the facts.


From our initial evaluation, 84% of young people have said they enjoyed the workshop, 90% have said they learned something new, 88% are more aware of the harms associated with shisha. These are great initial results, and we will be delivering to more schools and more young people in 2017.



If your school or youth club is interested in hosting the shisha awareness workshops at your organisation please get in touch with