Cut Films National Awards 2016

Tyrone Agbontalor has been involved with Cut Films over the past 3 years. He has been doing work experience with us and has written a blog about his time at the Cut Films National Awards Ceremony 2016.


On the 4th of July at BAFTA HQ, the phenomenal awards ceremony took place. The atmosphere was amazing with people coming from all over and presenting the masterpieces they had all worked so hard on.
The day started off with everyone getting to know each other in the lower hall, with refreshments and drinks. Everyone turned up looking very fancy and smart with a smile on their face, proud of what they had achieved as they should be.


When seated we heard from various people about different sponsors or projects and the opportunities that Cut Films has opened up for them. It was great to see how many lives Cut Films has reached and changed. The day was a huge success and a reassurance that Cut Films is truly making a difference amongst young children and even young adults to stop smoking or never start.


Jacqueline Shepherd hosted the event beautifully, getting the crowd pumped up and excited. There were so many great films and it was evident that they had all put their hearts and souls into them. My favourite part of the event was seeing the four 8 year olds from Harrington Hill Primary School pick up the overall winner award for their film ‘Intelligent Life’. It was great seeing such young girls who were so knowledgeable about the topic. They were absolutely ecstatic when they found out they had won (even more so when they realised they had won mini iPads as well!). It was great to see everyone showing their creativity and coming together no matter what age or area for this award show.


This was my second year at the BAFTA HQ National Cut Films Awards and it was more spectacular than the last, with more entries and a bigger crowd. I look forward to the next one which I know will be an even bigger success. A huge well done to all the entries and everyone who came, keep up the good work and I’ll see you next year.