Hackney Cut Films at the Young Carers Centre

For the past 2 months Hackney Cut Films has been working with the young carers centre in Hackney to make a film for the cut films short film competition.

The young carers have been meeting every Wednesday evening to learn about the whole filmmaking process. They then came up with three ideas and voted for their favourite idea to work on together on.


The group is made up of 4 young people under 25. They’ve worked on a storyboard, looked at locations, rehearsed, scripted and researched for props. The group explored the different roles in filmmaking and assigned themselves roles. The group have been making their own costumes as well as using the big cigarette costume.


The film idea explores how many people die each year from smoking related illnesses in a creative way. The assassin who is sent out to kill people is played by the young carers gymnast.

Whilst working with the Young Carers, Hackney Cut Films has also been running workshops in Stormont House School.


One of the films looks at peer pressure to start smoke and resilience to say no. The group consisted of 4 young people and they wanted to keep their film realistic. They researched the facts of smoking and wanted to share them as they didn’t think all young people knew them.


The other group at Stormont House, made props for their film which looked at a dice that gave smokers a 50% chance of living or dying. The Smoke Ninja would hold this dice and appear with it. The filmmaking went really well and the group naturally got into their roles working really well in a team.

Hackney Young Carers' film 'TARGET' won the Popular Choice Award at the National Cut Films Awards 2016