Work experience Student – Kyra Morrison

Name: Kyra


Age: 15


Why I am doing work experience with Cut Films:

I love doing work related to media whether it’s filming, editing or even completing research. I came to Cut Films for work experience to get an insight of what it’s like to work in the media industry as it’s something I wish to do in the future.


What I want to do in the future:

As mentioned earlier, I wish to work in the media industry. I’ve always seemed to have had a passion for working with cameras but ever since I studied media as a subject I became even more interested and eager to be able to film and edit my own work, and so I think of it as a real accomplishment when the work I have produced is complete to a good standard.


Favourite TV show and why:I’m stuck between One Tree Hill and the Kardashians (because I’m such a loser). I love One Tree Hill simply because it’s the best, and I just seem to be really obsessed with the Kardashians for some strange reason.


Favourite film and why:

I change my mind to this question every time someone asks me, it will range from something like Grease to something like Toy Story. Overall I would say some of my all-time favourite films are the Twilight Saga films, mainly because I love vampires and all the other supernatural stuff! Other than that I love comedies and rom-coms simply because I love to laugh at things!



I enjoy taking pictures and filming things that go on around me, I also like to watch a lot of films and sleep a lot too! A main hobby of mine is actually going to new places where I have never been before and to try new things as I seem to get quite bored of doing the exact same thing every single day and so I try to do something different whenever I can.