Work Experience Blog – Adam Jones

we’ve been extremely lucky to have Adam Jones from Ackland Burghley Secondary School join us in the office. Adam has already been an amazing addition to our office. Over the next week he will be helping to adapt our workshops and shape next years competition, as well as making his very own short stop motion animation that will include tips on making animations.


Name: Adam Jones
adam jones


Age: 14


Why I am doing work experience with Cut Films:

I was presented with a list of options to pick from; being different businesses to do work experience at. I chose Cut Films because it closely relates to some of the ambitions I have: creating films and editing to create high quality videos to upload to YouTube and other media platforms.


What I want to do in the future:

I have many ambitions for my future, most to all of which include being creative with writing or producing stories that allow my mind to run wild with ideas. Creating films is a big thing due to this because I can think freely as well as applying commonly used techniques in film design, to enhance the quality of the project.


Favourite film and why: 

My favourite film is ‘Hot Fuzz’, because of the way in which the writers; Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright, executed and contained the thrill of action and the value of comedy all within one movie, mixing emotions of happiness with excitement and seriousness. I also love the way they wrote each character and their roles in the film, as they all stand out individually and uniquely from each other.


My favourite film from Cut Films is ‘Cut Short’ because it goes into detail on how people start smoking and how it affects their lives and others around them. When explaining the effect the smoking had on the dog, I thought about how abusive it can be to others as well as dangerous to your own health.



Gaming (Through console), writing (Creatively), drawing (Mostly doodling ideas and thoughts).